Life Style Diseases

WHO health defined as “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not merely absence of disease or infirmity In Present Rapid urbanization all the three are lacking. Leading to Lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle diseases (diseases of civilization) are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. The onset of these lifestyle diseases is insidious, they take years to develop, and once encountered do not lend themselves easily to cure. Common causes of Lifestyle diseases are going from natural diet to artificial diet like junk food , reduction in physical activity and substance abuse like tobacco smoking and alcohol to relive stress.

The top 10 Lifestyle diseases are Alzheimer's disease, Arteriosclerosis, Cancer, Chronic Liver Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Renal Failure, obesity and Stroke. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that more than 270 million people are susceptible to Lifestyle diseases .By 2020 Lifestyle diseases are expected to claim 7.63 million lives in India, compared to 3.78 million in 1990, a study said.

Homeopathic system has vast superiority over other systems in treating Lifestyle diseases and stress related diseases. Patents must be carefully interrogated on mental and physical constitution. The Psychic changes of the patients under the influence of his morbid state are very important. The Rare peculiar and strange symptoms are very important. The psychic sphere which is very important therapeutically. In Homoeopathic system remedies are prepared from various sources and these are proved on healthy human beings not like animal proving which is done in conventional system. Constitution of an individual is studied in detail (mental, physical aspects) and a constitutional remedy is prescribed. This helps in combating the known and unknown stress and other Life style diseases.

In all life style disorders maintaining factor are important factors in prolonging the disease process . like regular intake of more than required amount of salt, rich food, junk food, Purpose less eating more than required amount of food with less physical exercise leading to obesity, using substances like tobacco, alcohol to relive constant worry and anxiety due to various causes in day to day life.

It is the duty of a Physician to educate the people to avoid such (causa occasionalis) maintaing causes. In reality how mush a physician can succeed depends on the cooperation of the people. Attitude of the people should change. As quoted by Thomas Leonard A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you.