Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases, in spite of the treatment invented and practised in Allopathy all over the world. Moreover the treatment being given is still very costly and out of reach of millions. The side effect of the treatment often make the life of the patient so miserable that they think that the death might be a better option. Our Homeopathic forefathres have prescribed specific treatments for many cancers. When the stage of the patient reaches beyond recoverable limits, number of medicines are available to reduce the cancer pains.

Homoeopathy approaches cancer as a disease to cure . In the early stages of disease it gives better results without causing any side effects. Depending on the stage of the cancer the results will be promosing. It is found hopeful in patients of all age groups. After thorough investigations of the disease medicines are selected according to the homoeopathic principles. In those cases where disesase has progressed to un curable levels homoeopathy can give the best palliative treatment in order to relieve the pain , discharge, ulcers and weakness. In the recent clinical studies it was found that symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite, emaciation, vertigo, insomnia etc caused by treatments like chemotherapy or radiation is better managed with homoeopathic medicines. Patient can start treatment either before or in conjunction with chemotherapy/ radiation or surgery. Along with medicines some food restrictions can also give relief to the patient to a large extent. Medicines like Euphorbium, Symphytum, Carcinosin, Graphitis, Echinacea, Arsenicum are the frequently prescribed medicines. Homoeopathic medication is found effective in Cancers involving breast, thyroid, brain , prostate, bones, skin, blood etc. In patient facility is available for the seriously ill patients under our direct supervision.